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Elite privileges

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Once you are an Elite member, we will provide you with recurring vouchers to ensure that it meets affordability even with the purchase of a high quality and luxury beauty equipment or tools.


The tagline is all you will be getting when you become an Elite member with us – and it’s free! We are partnering with beauty distributors, sellers and beauty treatment centres such as facial spa, hair salon, massage parlour – anything you can name it that is in line with beauty and health care. On top of that, we want to ensure the packages should be affordable with discounts and vouchers available and not according to the usual pricing.

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Beauty knows no boundaries

Regardless of your race, religion, colour of your skin, the size of your body, we are all just one human race. This is important for us to share with each other and build a community of beauty through forums, managed by women.

monthly newsletter

Every month, we will provide you with a newsletter that showcase all of our Elite members on how Fervore Club has impacted their lives. Knowledge can not only applied to Fervore Club’s products but it can be shared with any tips or tricks that is in line with beauty. Sharing is key and we love that!

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With recurring vouchers and discounts, come with cashback. Yes! We not only source for luxury and high quality beauty products, but we want to ensure affordability.